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Determine Compatibility. Predict Performance.

Use a science-based, market validated and franchise specific profiling system for:

  • Better Quality Franchisee
  • Faster Ramp-up
  • Better Validation
  • Greater Retention
  • Reduced Cost to Support
  • Increased Performance
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Proven Approach to Franchisee Selection.

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Premier provider of:

      • Franchisee Assessments
      • Top Performer Blueprinting
      • Candidate Comparison Reports
      • Franchisee Development Plans

What Our Franchisors Say:

What Our Brokers Say:

Gerry Henley

Zoracle is an incredible tool for a Franchisor. Finding the right fit is the most crucial piece of our qualification process. I am amazed at how accurate the SpotOn! assessment is.

Gerry Henley Office Pride
Seth Lederman

I have found the SpotOn! Profile to be an instrumental objective tool in my arsenal. It provides tremendous insight into my candidates and differentiates me from my competitors.

Seth LedermanFranNexus
Steve Olson

Rebecca Monet is a master of franchise profiling. Every assessment I have reviewed with my clients has been right on target from both the perspective of the franchisees and franchisor executives taking the profiles.

Steve OlsonOlson & Associates